Best Selection Of Generators Portable, Diesel, Petrol And Magnetic

At Australia Wide Generators we offer a variety of generators. Portable generators, rare earth magnetic generators and both diesel and petrol generators are all available online and in our store. We even offer shipping throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We have over a decade of experience providing electrical solutions to homes and businesses. We use that knowledge to ensure that you find the right generator for your home or business. Whether you need a specialized solution for your business or a smaller generator for backup power to your house we can help.

There are a wide range of options when it comes to generators. Portable generators are popular for construction companies and other businesses that require power at remote locations on a regular basis. Our portable generators are built on a trailer so the generators can be pulled behind a truck or other vehicle with towing capabilities. We create custom generators with portable capabilities depending on how much power you need. We also carry smaller portable generators for camping trips and other occasions where smaller amounts of power are needed. We have the widest selection of generators. Portable generators are just one of many options we offer.

Our diesel generators are a popular option if you would like a powerful backup generator for your home. Although you may think a standard petrol generator is fine for your home you would be surprised by the low level of power it supplies. Petrol generators will not supply enough power to fuel all of your major appliances at the same time. For many people having all of the comforts of home when the power goes out is the main reason for having a generator. Diesel generators have come a long way in recent years and are more fuel efficient and powerful than a standard petrol generator. Newer models also require less maintenance and run more quietly than older model generators. If you plan on running all of your appliances for long periods a diesel or rare earth magnetic generator will be your best option.

At Australia Wide Generators we have a generator that will fit the needs of your home or business. We even carry rare earth magnetic generators for business that run sensitive electrical equipment. The resources available on our website will explain the various types of maintenance that your generator will require. We also have detailed instructions on how to run in your generator for optimal performance. We have the best selection of generators. Portable generators, rare earth magnetic generators, diesel and petrol generators are our specialty. Call for a quote on 0423 286 661 or contact us through our secure contact form.
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